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Unlimited access to trending clips

TikTok is a free app for uploading and sharing 15-second videos available on Android, iOS, and Fire. The app (formerly known as or Musically) has over 500 million downloads and is used as a popular social media app for sharing trendy videos and keeping tabs on your friends. Especially popular with the younger generation, downloading and using this video sharing app is easy, features millions of videos, and the number is only growing.

Watch, create, and share

TikTok is a quick way to access and create media to be shared with others. Users can easily sink hours of time watching endless videos about whatever subject they choose. These videos can be funny, serious or maybe you just want to lip-sync to popular music. TikTok’s huge following and intuitive accessibility ensure that your video gets to the viewers quickly and easily.

TikTok is a simple platform that opens a world of interactivity, and as with any social media giant like Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook, you get what you give. If you and your friends use TikTok to make videos frequently, you’ll see a ton of mileage from this app. TikTok’s controls are logical and familiar, and most users find 15 seconds just long enough for a quick laugh.

True to its roots, TikTok has the rights to a slew of pop music. Users can embed pop songs into recordings they make and can pull from a catalog spanning thousands of tracks. TikTok stays on top of the trending game by keeping this list of accessible music frequently updated, granting access to a music library with a wide variety of selections.